What is the basis of the term “trumped-up?" If you look in Dictionary.com it says something that is spuriously devised, fraudulent or fabricated. The source of the term “trumped-up” comes from the circa 1400 Middle English word “trumpen” which meant to fabricate or devise. It also comes from the Old French word “tromper” which meant to deceive, falsify, or concoct. Does that sound familiar.

It sounds like what we are hearing today regarding the recent 10 bombing threats. President Trump and his cronies claim it was all a hoax perpetrated by CNN and the democratic party. To suggest that this whole thing is somehow a conspiracy against him is beyond comprehension. He said he was going to tone down the rhetoric to ease the obvious anger in our country which he has perpetrated but within a day he was back at his old rantings. I guess he “trumped-up” himself with his false act of contrition.

He can’t say women are his playthings and he can do whatever with them. He can’t praise the behavior of politicians and radio hosts and media moguls for their pervasive sexual assaults. He can’t brag about the virtue of body-slamming the media. He can’t call certain women liars, ugly, fishface, of low IQ or worse. He can’t tell Ted Cruz he is a liar and ridicule his wife and kids and accuse his dad of being complicit in the Kennedy assignation only to now say he loves him. I could go on and on.

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Regardless of who you are, words and actions have consequences. We should expect a lot better from the president of the United States. I shudder to think how his behavior has made our country the butt of the free world and how he has aligned himself with many vicious leaders around the globe.

We can do better. We must do better. We must return to a sense of moral high ground in our country. If our current Congress won’t stand up for what is right, vote them out. I know I will.

Edward Hebert, Chippewa Falls

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