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Eve Tamer: Praying for Father Altman from Australia

Eve Tamer: Praying for Father Altman from Australia

From the UPDATED COLLECTION: The Altman file, full coverage, reaction since public condemnation of Democrats series
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We are praying for Father Altman from Port Fairy, a small country town in Victoria, Australia. I started to listen to Father Altman's sermons when our churches closed and all sacraments stopped, and I have been listening every week since.

Father Altman stood up for Christ when the government in the US called the Church non-essential while Walmart and abortion clinics stayed open, as deemed essential.

The same ridiculous events happened here in Australia. We were watching Mass online, with all sacraments stopped as deemed non-essential, and I would then go to Kmart where there were people everywhere. In south west Victoria, our Churches didn't even bother to open when the government allowed it. They took a few more weeks of not feeding their flock for no reason at all. Maybe life was convenient online?

Father Altman has been accused of being divisive. He has certainly divided the truth of Christ from the wolves in sheep's clothing that have not only failed to feed their flock the sacraments, but also the truth. Some have called Father Altman a controversial parish priest. He's as controversial as the Apostles were in their time.

Preaching in a secular society isn't easy and certainly would be divisive. Remember what Christ said, "Blessed are you when people insult you, persecute you and falsely say all kinds of evil against you because of me." This ordeal for Father Altman will only bring out more truths, make the faithful stronger, and expose more false prophets.

God bless Father Altman.

Eve Tamer

Port Fairy, Australia


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