Here are some border wall facts.

Sixty percent of Americans are opposed to it. Ninety percent of the illegal drugs — which the wall is supposed to stop — come into this country through other means such as airports or other legal ports of entry. Terrorists are not crossing the Mexican border contrary to what some politicians say. Apprehensions of illegals at the border have decreased and last year was at the same level as 1972. The total number of illegal aliens in this country has actually decreased since reaching 12.2 million in 2007. That’s a high number, but what would we do without them? These are all facts.

The illegal immigrants are here because we need them and we need to determine how to best utilize their skills and willingness to work while eliminating the criminal element. Shutting down the southern border would hurt businesses that depend on them for labor. In this area the dairy industry as well as poultry processing plants would all be hurt.

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Another fact about illegal aliens is that each year they contribute $15 billion to Social Security with no intention of ever drawing it out. That money stays in the fund for those of us who will be drawing out of it. A very high percentage of these immigrants do not want to stay here permanently.

Estimates of the cost of the wall are over $50 billion. In addition to the construction costs; it will need maintenance and upkeep costing billions every year. We can’t properly maintain our highways; why would we want to put this much money into a wall we don’t need? Highways contribute to our economy and quality of life. We need to invest in them, and the wall will contribute nothing but more expense.

Common sense says to take this money and improve our current infrastructure; use it for a purpose everyone benefits from. Building a wall to assuage one man’s ego makes no sense whatsoever. I hope everyone reading this remembers these people who are not speaking out against this wall in November of 2020 when they are up for election again.

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