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No wonder church has fewer members -- Bill Walters

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A letter to the editor in Monday's State Journal concludes that vileness is the root cause of violence. It argued that something was lacking spiritually in those who commit mass shootings. I contended that removing weapons will not solve the problem. It starts out good, even though removing weapons would help a lot.

The letter then implies that mass shootings in the U.S. stem from not honoring God. It implies that same sex marriage is a vileness that pays no honor on God, and that until we start treating God properly, mass shootings will continue. A pretty outrageous connection between mass shootings and same sex marriage is made.

I certainly have not seen nor heard any correlation connecting the hundreds of mass shootings so far this year to any vileness or same sex marriage. And there is certainly no connection in any K-12 school shootings.

I do thank this writer for an honest expression of true beliefs and would certainly use that narrow focus to decide on whether to choose his church as my house of worship. No wonder church membership and identification with religion are on the decline in America.

Bill Walters, Fitchburg


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