Drive around Chippewa County and one can sure tell there is a Sheriff's election coming. There are signs all over. Some say "vote for" and some say "re-elect."

The "vote for" signs are for a police officer from another county running in Chippewa County. The "re-elect" signs are for current sheriff, Jim Kowalczyk. Years ago I served as Chippewa County Sheriff. Jim was an investigator, and a very good one. The office of sheriff is a constitutional political office and not a department. The sheriff is mandated to enforce the law, safeguard the courts, maintain a jail, serve civil process, investigate crimes and more. Sheriff Kowalczyk has done these in his two terms and done them very well. I see no need in replacing him! To the Republicans, vote your ticket skipping over the sheriff and vote Democrat for sheriff. To the Democrats vote your ticket! The office of sheriff should be a non-partison one. Please vote.

Ralph Coushman, Chippewa Falls

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Hey Former Sheriff Coushman, I worked in Chippewa County Law Enforcement for 10 plus years before accepting a new positions in a neighboring County. I still reside in Chippewa County. I agree people should not vote straight party, I disagree that things couldn't change for the better. Thank you for sharing your opinion, other previous Sheriff's have as well, some even have those "Vote For" signs in their yards. Take care, and best wishes sir!

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