Woodmohr Town Board election time is upon us and the system is working, we have three challengers, one for chairman and on each for supervisor.

I have attended almost all town board meetings for the past 30 years and have listened to the arguments of the current challengers, which in my opinion, they each have an agenda which if implemented will increase the cost of operating the town and diminish the services that residents have been accustomed too.

There seems to be a common theme, which is to disregard the current system of snow removal and return to hiring the county. However, it is very difficult to compare the two types of services. The township did utilize the county in 2015 and the following occurred — Chippewa County Highway Department will not sign a first service contract, as the private contractor has; they send a letter laying out their first responsibility is to federal highways, second responsibility is the state highways, third responsibility is to county highways and fourth responsibility is to Town of Woodmohr roads. They charge time and one half for any hours prior to 7 a.m. and after 3 p.m.

The current private contractor has no extra hour charge and provides three plow trucks that start at 2 a.m., thus having the town roads passable, throughout the township by 7 a.m.. In the event you live on a township road and must get to work on time, get to doctor appointments on time, or get your cattle fed and milk hauled on time, be very considerate of how you vote. Not all change is for the better, especially if the challengers are comparing apples and oranges.

At the March 2019 town board meeting the Town of Woodmohr had $486,892.30 in the bank and the township tax levy has not increased since 2007 under the leadership of the current chairman and board, thus favorably reflecting their responsibilities of snow removal, road repairs, land use planning and careful use of other people's money. In my opinion the township and current board are on the right track.

Steve Hilger, Bloomer

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