Sir Elton John has more Fabergé eggs than Russia's Kremlin
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Sir Elton John had a bigger Fabergé egg collection than Russia's Kremlin.

The fortified complex in the centre of Russia's capital city Moscow is home to a collection of 10 unique, imperial Fabergé eggs, which are jewelled eggs created by the house of Fabergé in St. Petersburg, Imperial Russia.

But whilst the collection has dazzled visitors for almost a century, 'Rocketman' hitmaker Elton was reportedly unimpressed by the expensive eggs when he toured the Kremlin in 1979, as he had his own, bigger collection at home.

Dick Clement and Ian La Frenais - who produced a documentary of Elton's 1979 performance in Moscow - recalled in their new memoir, 'More Than Likely': "Elton was offered a VIP tour of the Kremlin, and our wives managed to tag along. They were shown all the royal historical artistic treasures left over from the Tsars.

"As they stumbled into Red Square, Elton confided to Nancy (Clement's wife) that he was shocked to discover that he had a bigger Fabergé collection than the Kremlin."

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It is believed that there were around 69 Fabergé eggs made, 57 of which survive today, and are separate from the 52 "imperial" eggs that were created for the Russian Tsars Alexander III and Nicholas II as Easter gifts for their wives and mothers.

There are thought to be 46 imperial eggs still around today, but it is unknown which eggs Elton has in his collection, or how many of the decorative pieces he owns.

But the 'Can You Feel The Love Tonight' singer will have spent a fortune on the collection, as even the non-imperial eggs will sell for £1 million.

Dick Clement and Ian La Frenais' memoir 'More Than Likely' will be published by W&N on September 19, and will be priced at £20.

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