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TikTok creator @ruthoneya.illustrations moved into an apartment with bold kitchen floors and a small but light filled living room. To make her green couch work without competing with the kitchen tile, she stuck to a small number of colors in light, warm hues to give her apartment a modern boho look.

TikTok creator @brittanyelixabeth693 has an enviable maximalist apartment full of unique thrifted finds. Just because a green velvet couch is a statement piece doesn’t mean every other item in your home can’t make a statement too.

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Sorrow is welling across a Bronx community Monday, a day after a fire and choking smoke engulfed a high-rise apartment complex and killed 19 p…

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The thought of having your light bulbs connect to your WiFi, at first, seemed completely useless to me. But I've become a huge fan of Philips Hue smart light bulbs (starter kits start at $59) and controlling my apartment's lighting with just my phone. It makes moving through the apartment a lot easier, even if it makes me a bit lazier. — John General, video producer

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A family gathers in a rundown Chinatown apartment for Thanksgiving as darkness falls in "The Humans," Stephen Karam’s chilling adaptation of h…

In a tiny NYC apartment, every bit of space counts. That doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice an entryway. TikTok user @farahpinkk shows how to create a stylish and functional space with very little square footage.

If you’re able to paint in your apartment, you can create a textured brick wall look on drywall by using washi tape to create lines. DIY duo @thesorrygirls tried it out for TikTok with great results.

TikTok creator @azrielpatricia got a natural brick wall look with panels she found on Amazon. The accent wall adds a ton of character to her NYC apartment.

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