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The city’s health department reports that it transferred 510 doses to other providers because there were so many unfilled appointments at Festival the week of April 12, in addition to 93 cancellations or no-shows that week at the Festival Hall vaccination site. The week prior, there were only 217 cancellations or no shows and zero transfers of doses.

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As 20% of the eligible voting population is Catholic, they will make a big difference in this election. Since Joe Biden is Catholic, does a Catholic voter sway more towards him? On the other hand, does Amy Coney Barrett's nomination, who is also Catholic, mean that voters are more inclined towards President Trump this election?

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Franco ruled Spain between 1939 and 1975, after he and other officers led a military insurrection against the Spanish democratic government in 1936, a move that started a three-year civil war. A staunch Catholic, he viewed the war and ensuing dictatorship as something of a religious crusade against anarchist, leftist and secular tendencies in Spain. His authoritarian rule, along with a profoundly conservative Catholic Church, ensured that Spain remained virtually isolated from political, industrial and cultural developments in Europe for nearly four decades.

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Northern Ireland's six counties are part of the United Kingdom. Most of its Catholics, historically discriminated against, sought unity with the Republic of Ireland to the south. They became known as nationalists, or republicans. Most Protestants insisted on remaining in the union, and became known as unionists, or loyalists.

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