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During World War II our parents, grandparents, great-grandparents, aunts and uncles made great sacrifices. Families at home in America during the war had to ration food, gas and other items we take for granted today. Personal freedoms were diminished for the war effort.

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Join Ella as she spends a week with her grandparents, enjoying surfing, skating, swimming and yoga. This storybook also includes a list of kids yoga poses in a sequence that they can learn this summer, as well as a parent-teacher guide.

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With school closed for the time being, your children could help an older adult learn something new about today’s technology, whether it be a laptop or a TV remote. Or they might send emails to grandparents or elderly neighbors to chat about what they’re doing, or ask them to participate online in virtual classrooms, symphonies or museums. Best of all: Your children could use this time to record some family history.

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Travel with a child and you can't help but slow down, to see things differently. You'll share their delight in all things bright, colorful and on the move. You'll notice the ladybug on the leaf and the helicopter overhead. You'll discover new textures and notice the fragrance of flowers. (Because little people will.) Chances are their sweet smiles will be conversation starters and you'll share stories and experiences with other parents and grandparents. No matter where you wander, you'll be creating memories that will last long after the strollers are stowed and the price of their participation matches yours.

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