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A riding lawn tractor is the ultimate way to cut, trim and manicure a large lawn; and to keep it working safely and at peak performance it requires regular maintenance. If you’re a grease monkey and enjoy working on engines and machinery, you can keep a lawn tractor in good running order. If not, get a regular tuneup by the manufacturer.

Is your grass ridden with patchy clumps of weeds, unsightly bare spots or areas of hard, compacted soil? If the answer is yes, your lawn needs a makeover, and some TLC to restore it to lush green turf. It won’ t be a weekend wonder, because your grass requires continued attention, but in one growing season you’ ll be amazed at what a little care and feeding can do.

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No matter how big your yard is, there’s a lawn game that fits your space. Cornhole, croquet, bocce ball and ring toss are easy and fun games t…

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Thatch is a dense layer of organic material that accumulates on the surface of your soil and can block vital nutrients, air and water from getting to the roots of your grass. Break up this layer with a thatching rake, so your lawn can thrive.

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Spring’s arrival is the best time to assess your lawn equipment and give your mower a tuneup. Change the oil, air filter and spark plug, sharpen or replace the blade (a dull blade tears grass instead of cutting it, leaving it susceptible to fungi), or if it’s been a few years, consider purchasing a new lawnmower to stave off midsummer frustrations.

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A classic game that’s often played inside, we love this outdoor version that’s made bigger in size and weather-friendly. This colorful and durable dominos set includes 28 tiles as well as a handy carrying case. You can play on a table or set it up on the lawn, driveway or even the sand. Available at Kohl’s and Amazon

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Make some time for fresh air and move housework outside as the days get warmer. Older children can assist with more complex jobs, like mowing the lawn or trimming bushes and hedges. And younger children can help with watering the garden, weeding or repotting plants. You can also teach your kids about how to stay safe while working outside, highlighting the importance of simple things like applying sunscreen and staying hydrated.

Having a picnic at the park or the beach is practically the default summer activity. You can play it simple, but why not bring your outdoor noshing and lounging game to the next level? Imagine chilled wine, a nice chair to sit in and even some lawn games for the kids (or adults) to get excited over. Read on to find our top 10 picks to bring along to your next picnic.

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