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Method 1: You can create an effective fruit fly trap with kitchen staples such as a glass, apple cider vinegar and dish soap.

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There are all-in-one fruit fly traps you can buy and set out. These are nontoxic because they use technology to bait, trap and banish fruit flies from your home without using poison. They can be expensive, but they get the job done. There are also disposable fruit fly traps on the market that don’t use toxic chemicals. There are also sticky stake traps that you can put in your houseplants. They attract and trap fruit flies, mites, mosquitoes and other pests and can be used inside or outside.

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Do you have a faucet drainpipe and trap that seems to clog more than usual? It’s not an uncommon problem. Instead of using a PVC drainpipe and P-trap, consider replacing it with a new type of drain trap designed for easy installation using only a pair of scissors. It has fewer leak points and its rubber gasket seals ensures a dry base cabinet whether in the kitchen or bathroom.

Keeping your home pest free without baits and snap traps isn’t easy—but maybe you have a soft spot for every living creature no matter how small, or just hate the thought of cleaning up dead mice. That’s where this no-kill mouse trap from Authenzo comes in. With over 430 reviews on Amazon and 4.5 stars, customers are raving about this mouse trap.

You hear noises in the kitchen at night. You see little brown droppings in the corner of the pantry. There’s a mysterious hole in the bread bag. You see something dart across the floor when you turn on the light. All signs point to a dreaded mouse infestation. So, how do you know when to tackle the problem yourself, or when it’s time to call in an exterminator?

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