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Whether you are using mirrors horizontally to widen a space, vertically to add height or in a grid pattern to mimic windows, this is a great way to bounce light and color in a space.

When it’s time to spring-clean, we may think we have to tackle every single item on the to-do list right away. But actually, there are some home maintenance tasks that it’s better to wait until fall to complete. To help you sort out which things to spring-clean ASAP and which can be safely put off for a few more months, we’ve compiled the list below. Then, you can breathe a little easier knowing that it doesn’t have to all get done right away.

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Especially if winter weather has left your windows streaked and dirty, spring is a great time to wash them. Plus, washing the windows now will let you enjoy a clear view and more sunlight all spring and summer long.

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This window perch DIY from @electric.entity can be put up in just minutes but will bring your cat hours of enjoyment daily. To create a window perch, simply install a floating shelf just below the window, then cover the shelf with a small rug. Ikea, Five Below, or thrift stores are great places to find affordable rugs.

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TikTok creator and DIYer @kimwhitestyle took on a quarantine-inspired project to add a compact washing machine to her under 300 square foot Brooklyn apartment. The tiny dryer is housed behind some curtains in her bathroom window. This genius hack means skipping the laundromat for good.

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If you live in a modern building with large windows, it’s likely you have the minimalist kind featured in this video from @lizlovery. Fortunately, a little bit black tape can add some serious character an industrial style loft. This DIY isn’t just renter friendly—it’s also budget friendly at just $5.

Q: Tim, I’ve got a challenge for you. I live in a 100-year-old Craftsman house with gorgeous wood trim around the windows and doors. The trim is wide, and there’s a stunning head piece across the top of all windows and doors.

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This window-mounted model is sturdy and easy to install, giving cats a great view of the outside world.

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