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Chippewa County Prep Track and Field Honor Roll
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Prep Track and Field Honor Roll | May 11

Chippewa County Prep Track and Field Honor Roll

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Track and Field

The Chippewa Herald track and field honor roll recognizes the top-five performers in each event throughout the spring with dates and times or distances listed. For missing results, please email



Cooper Nichols, Stanley-Boyd (4-27);11.70

Landon Iverson, Chi-Hi (4-30);12.18

Mike Karlen, Stanley-Boyd (4-27);12.25

Kansas Smith, Chi-Hi (4-30);12.26

Chase Sturm, Stanley-Boyd (4-27);12.28


Chase Sturm, Stanley-Boyd (4-27);24.88

Ethan Faschingbauer, Chi-Hi (5-7);25.03

Landon Iverson, Chi-Hi (4-30);25.14

Austin Bowe, LH/C (5-4);25.17

Gabe Vargas, Chi-Hi (4-30);25.44


Gabe Vargas, Chi-Hi (5-7);54.32

Kaleb Sonnentag, Cadott (5-7);56.68

Blake Anders, LH/C (4-29);57.89

Jaden Halom, Bloomer (4-27);58.65

Troy Trevino, Stanley-Boyd (5-7);59.61


Ryan Beranek, Chi-Hi (4-30);2:04.63

Mason Howard, Chi-Hi (4-30);2:06.99

Lucas Anderson, Bloomer (5-6);2:13.15

Logan Scott, Chi-Hi (5-7);2:14.20

Dan Anderson, McDonell (5-4);2:14.97


Mason Howard, Chi-Hi (5-7);4:45.96

Ryan Beranek, Chi-Hi (5-7);4:45.96

Dan Anderson, McDonell (5-7);4:48.86

Lucas Anderson, Bloomer (5-6);4:53.64

Anders Michaelsen, Bloomer (5-6);4:53.95


Dan Anderson, McDonell (5-7);10:21.87

Lukas Wagner, Chi-Hi (5-7);10:38.79

Lucas Anderson, Bloomer (4-27);10:50.62

Benjamin Cihasky, Chi-Hi (5-7);11:07.85

Jaden Halom, Bloomer (5-4);11:35.27

110 Hurdles

Brayden Warwick, Chi-Hi (4-30);16.27

Vaughn Zwiefelhofer, Bloomer (4-27);19.50

Solomon Mason, Chi-Hi (5-7);19.52

Wyatt Engel, Cadott (5-7);19.91

Alex Tokarski, McDonell (5-4);19.95

300 Hurdles

Brayden Warwick, Chi-Hi (5-7);42.64

Peter Weir, Cadott (5-4);45.76

Solomon Mason, Chi-Hi (5-7);47.06

Vaughn Zwiefelhofer, Bloomer (4-29);48.32

Cameron Messenger, Cadott (5-7);49.26

400 Relay

Stanley-Boyd (N/A);46.78

Stanley-Boyd (Mike Karlen, Brady Potaczek, Chase Sturm, Cooper Nichols)(4-27);46.83

Chi-Hi (Collin Beaudette, Ethan Faschingbauer, Landon Iverson, Samuel Peterson)(5-7);47.55

McDonell (N/A)(4-29);51.82

McDonell (N/A)(5-7);52.39

800 Relay

Chi-Hi (Collin Beaudette, Ethan Faschingbauer, Landon Iverson, Samuel Peterson)(5-7):1:38.51

Lake Holcombe/Cornell (Dylan Bowe, Blake Anders, Avery Turany, Austin Bowe)(5-4):1:41.05

McDonell (N/A)(5-7):1:44.21

McDonell (N/A)(4-29):1:45.88

Stanley-Boyd (N/A)(5-7):1:56.04

1,600 Relay

Chi-Hi (Collin Beaudette, Ethan Faschingbauer, Landon Iverson, Samuel Peterson)(5-7);3:38.51

Chi-Hi (Ryan Beranek, Logan Scott, Kansas Smith, Benjamin Cihasky)(4-30);3:44.10

Stanley-Boyd (N/A)(5-7);3:47.74

Cadott (Andrew Falkenberg, Nick Fasbender, Kaleb Sonnentag, Peter Weir)(5-7);3:50.74

Cadott (N/A)(5-4);3:57.46

3,200 Relay

Chi-Hi (Logan Scott, Lukas Wagner, Benjain Cihasky, Jake Mason)(5-7);9:11.78

Bloomer (Jaden Halom, Lucas Anderson, Anders Michaelsen, Dane Michaelsen)(5-4);9:13.70

Bloomer (Dawson Beaudette, Dylan Halom, Alek Lundgren, Parker Ruff)(4-27);9:31.66

Bloomer (Gavin Gehrig, Mason Rubenzer, Parker Ruff, Jaden Halom)(5-6);9:34.52

Cadott (Ethan Duck, Andrew Falkenberg, Sage Handrick, Tad Weiss)(5-7);10:01.64

High Jump

Carsen Hause, Stanley-Boyd (4-27);5-10

Jake Siegenthaler, McDonell (4-29);5-6

Brad Irwin, Cadott (5-7);5-6

Jaden Halom, Bloomer (4-29);5-4

Landon Iverson, Chi-Hi (4-30);5-4

Triple Jump

Brady Potaczek, Stanley-Boyd (5-7);37-10.5

Kansas Smith, Chi-Hi (5-7);37-2.75

Triton Robey, New Auburn (5-7);36-7

Austin Bowe, LH/C (4-29);35-8.5

Lukas Dean, Chi-Hi (5-7);35-0.5

Long Jump

Mike Karlen, Stanley-Boyd (4-27);19-1

Vaughn Zwiefelhofer, Bloomer (5-4);18-10

Ethan Faschingbauer, Chi-Hi (4-30);18-8.25

Landon Moulton, McDonell (4-29);18-6.5

Kansas Smith, Chi-Hi (5-7);18-5.25

Pole Vault

Vaughn Zwiefelhofer, Bloomer (5-4);11-0

Triton Robey, New Auburn (5-7);10-6

Avery Turany, LH/C (4-29);10-0

Dylan Bowe, LH/C (4-29);10-0

Travis Christoph, Stanley-Boyd (5-7);8-6

Shot Put

Zach Steinmetz, Bloomer (4-27);38-10.75

Gunner Grambo, Bloomer (5-4);35-7

Peter Nulph, Stanley-Boyd (5-7);37-3.5

Rongxian Yang, McDonell (5-7);33-9.5

Chase Sturm, Stanley-Boyd (5-7);33-4.25


Peter Nulph, Stanley-Boyd (4-27);115-04

Zach Steinmetz, Bloomer (5-6);105-06

Gunner Grambo, Bloomer (4-27);103-01

Antolin Espinoza, Chi-Hi (5-7);94-10

Esubalew Mason, Chi-Hi (5-7);93-05

Wheelchair 100

Dorian Anderson, Chi-Hi (5-7);1:54.00

Wheelchair 400

Dorian Anderson, Chi-Hi (5-7);3:24.00

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Wheelchair 800

Dorian Anderson, Chi-Hi (5-7);3:24.00

Wheelchair 1,600

Dorian Anderson, Chi-Hi (5-7);6:59.00

Wheelchair Shot Put

Dorian Anderson, Chi-Hi (5-7);17-1



Brooklyn Sandvig, Chi-Hi (5-7);13.34

Alexa Post, Bloomer (4-27);13.42

Jade Fredrickson, Stanley-Boyd (4-27);13.50

Sydney Flanagan, McDonell (5-4);13.73

Madison Hunt, Chi-Hi (4-30);14.13


Brooklyn Sandvig, Chi-Hi (4-30);25.67

Brooke Lechleitner, LH/C (5-4);28.70

Alexa Post, Bloomer (5-4);28.90

Maralyn Boettcher, Stanley-Boyd (4-27);29.06

Sydney Flanagan, McDonell (4-29);29.06


­­­­­Brooklyn Sandvig, Chi-Hi (4-30);57.00

Brooke Lechleitner, LH/C (4-29);1:04.03

Alexa Post, Bloomer (5-4);1:06.36

Makaiah Kempe, Bloomer (4-27);1:07.18

Janelle Schesel, Stanley-Boyd (5-7);1:07.45


Lydia Fish, Chi-Hi (4-30);2:42.70

Ella Spitz, Chi-Hi (4-30);2:43.04

Ann David, McDonell (5-7);2:47.05

Ellie Eckes, McDonell (5-7);2:49.87

Jordan Chen, Chi-Hi (5-7);2:52.01


Ella Spitz, Chi-Hi (5-7);5:52.99

Lydia Fish, Chi-Hi (4-30);5:59.79

Leslie Derks, Stanley-Boyd (5-7);6:06.70

Ellie Eckes, McDonell (5-7);6:07.38

Kylie Culver, Bloomer (5-6);6:13.09


Jordan Chen, Chi-Hi (4-30);13:40.00

Ellie Eckes, McDonell (5-4);13:52.79

Ireland McQuillan, Chi-Hi (4-30);14:10.00

Kylie Culver, Bloomer (4-27);14:22.87

Grace Anderson, Bloomer (4-29);14:28.13

100 Hurdles

Jazmine Johnson, Chi-Hi (4-30);18.85

Julia Sedlacek, Cadott (5-7);19.65

Lauren Ruff, Bloomer (5-6);19.79

Emma Kowalczyk, Cadott (5-7);21.14

Jaycee Stephens, Cadott (5-4);21.37

300 Hurdles

Alexa Post, Bloomer (5-6);51.57

Jazmine Johnson, Chi-Hi (4-30);52.43

Destiny Baughman, McDonell (5-7);53.64

Jade Fredrickson, Stanley-Boyd (5-7);54.60

Lauren Ruff, Bloomer (4-27);57.57

400 Relay

Bloomer (Jensyn Skaar, Alexa Post, Skylar Zwiefelhofer, Cicely Kiecker)(4-29);55.86

Bloomer (Cicely Kiecker, Jensyn Skaar, Skylar Zwiefelhofer, Lauren Ruff)(5-6);56.11

Bloomer (Cicely Kiecker, Skylar Zwiefelhofer, Jensyn Skaar, Isabel Rubenzer)(5-4);58.08

Stanley-Boyd (Brooklyn Vircks, Maralyn Boettcher, Teagen Becker, Jade Fredrickson)(4-27);58.55

Lake Holcombe/Cornell (Brooke Sime, Marcella Boehm, Carly Vavra, Haily Duffy)(5-7);59.50

800 Relay

Bloomer (Jensyn Skaar, Alexa Post, Skylar Zwiefelhofer, Cicelyn Kiecker)(4-29);1:59.03

Bloomer (Cicely Kiecker, Jensyn Skaar, Isabel Rubenzer, Lauren Ruff)(5-4);1:59.59

Lake Holcombe/Cornell (Brooke Lechleitner, Haily Duffy, Marcella Boehm, Brooke Sime)(4-29);2:02.12

Stanley-Boyd (N/A)(5-7);2:04.19

Cadott (Mckenzie Prokupek, Haylee Rowe, Lexxie Rowe, Autumn Yeager)(5-7);2:07.62

1,600 Relay

Cadott (Haylee Rowe, Lexxie Rowe, Julia Sedlacek, Kaileigh Tice)(5-7);4:33.05

Stanley-Boyd (Janelle Schesel, Lily Hoel, Maralyn Boettcher)(5-7);4:33.50

Cadott (N/A)(5-4);4:40.86

McDonell (N/A)(5-7);4:42.51

Bloomer (Makaiah Kempe, Danielle Latz, Kaylee Krueger, Lauren Ruff)(4-27);4:56.53

3,200 Relay

Stanley-Boyd (Leslie Derks, Janelle Schesel, Teagen Becker, Lily Hoel)(4-27);11:34.55

Stanley-Boyd (N/A)(5-7);11:52.31

McDonell (N/A)(4-29);12:35.14

McDonell (Ellie Eckes, Christie Abbe, Ellen Matott, Ann David)(5-4);12:43.77

Bloomer (Grace Anderson, Kylie Culver, Ivorie Rogge, Emma Smith)(5-4);12:50.04

High Jump

Brooklyn Sandvig, Chi-Hi (4-30);5-2

Destiny Baughman, McDonell (4-29);5-0

Danielle Latz, Bloomer (4-27);J5-0

Grace Anderson, Bloomer (4-29);4-8

Ann David, McDonell (5-4);4-6

Teagen Becker, Stanley-Boyd (5-7);4-6

Triple Jump

Megan Ludy, Chi-Hi (5-7);32-1

Danielle Latz, Bloomer (5-4);31-3.5

Riley Hinke, Chi-Hi (5-7);30-2

Isabel Rubenzer, Bloomer (4-27);29-11

Lily Hoel, Stanley-Boyd (5-7);29-3

Long Jump

Danielle Latz, Bloomer (5-4);14-9.25

Jade Fredrickson, Stanley-Boyd (5-7);14-9

Madison Hunt, Chi-Hi (4-30);14-7.5

Alexa Post, Bloomer (5-4);14-6.5

Sydney Flanagan, McDonell (4-29);14-4

Pole Vault

Megan Ludy, Chi-Hi (5-7);8-6

Kailyn Schillinger, Stanley-Boyd (5-7);7-6

Isabelle Keck, McDonell (5-4);7-0

Cicely Kiecker, Bloomer (5-6);7-0

Carissa Woodford, Cadott (5-7);6-6

Shot Put

Abby Iverson, Bloomer (5-4);31-1.5

Ava Reuter, Chi-Hi (4-30);30-2.5

Paige Smiskey, McDonell (5-7);28-8.25

Haley Reed, New Auburn (5-4);26-3

Lillian Kuske, Bloomer (4-29);25-5


Ava Reuter, Chi-Hi (4-30);82-11

Abby Iverson, Bloomer (5-4);82-08

Paige Smiskey, McDonell (5-7);78-07

Haley Reed, New Auburn (5-4);74-05

Sydney Goss, Chi-Hi (5-7);73-09


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