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McDonell sophomore Maggie Craker and junior Olivia Mlsna were named to the Western Cloverbelt All-Conference first team for the 2019 season.

Senior Cassie Sorensen was a second team selection and junior Shanen Rice and senior Jessica Eisenreich were honorable mentions for the Macks.

Cadott sophomore Calli Bremness was also on the first team while sophomore Meadow Barone earned second team recognition. Freshman McKenna Barone and senior Maddie Wahl were honorable mentions for the Hornets.

Seniors Arianna Mason and Jada Nye were selected to the Western Cloverbelt second team for Stanley-Boyd as senior Bailey Straskowski was a honorable mention.

Thorp senior pitcher Kaitlyn Tyznik was named the conference's player of the year. Also joining Tyznik on the first team was senior Cassidy Stroinski. Thorp added junior Brittany Rosemeyer and senior Hailey Zurakowski to the second team while junior Paige Rhyner was a honorable mention.

Western Cloverbelt All-Conference

First Team—Karly Maurina, senior, Altoona; Lydia Berseth, senior, Altoona; Kate Harris, junior, Altoona; Calli Bremness, sophomore, Cadott; Tara Jiskra, junior, Fall Creek; Maggie Craker, sophomore, McDonell; Olivia Mlnsa, junior, McDonell; Brooke McCune, freshman, Osseo-Fairchild; Kaitlyn Tyznik senior, Thorp; Cassidy Stroinski, senior, Thorp.

Second Team—Ally Wagner, sophomore, Altoona; Averie Varsho, sophomore, Altoona; Meadow Barone, sophomore, Cadott; Sam Olson, freshman, Fall Creek; Cassie Sorensen, senior, McDonell; Abbi Henke, junior, Osseo-Fairchild; Arianna Mason, senior, Stanley-Boyd; Jada Nye, senior, Stanley-Boyd; Brittany Rosemeyer, junior, Thorp; Hailey Zurakowski, senior, Thorp.

Honorable Mention—Sedona Van Ert, junior, Altoona; McKenna Barone, freshman, Cadott, Maddie Wahl, senior, Cadott; Abby Bell, junior, Fall Creek; Shanen Rice, junior, McDonell; Jessica Eisenreich, senior, McDonell; Bailey Straskowski, senior, Stanley-Boyd; Paige Rhyner, junior, Thorp.

Player of the Year—Kaitlyn Tyznik, Thorp.

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