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Chippewa Herald Volleyball Stock Photo

The Lake Holcombe and Cornell volleyball teams each had two players on the All-East Lakeland Conference first team for the 2018 season.

Lake Holcombe seniors Aubrey Meddaugh and Emma Elmberg and Cornell senior Jenna Sadler and junior Erin Crowell were each named to the first team. Cornell junior Bryanna Bonander and Lake Holcombe junior Alycia Emmons were each selected to the second team while New Auburn senior Nadia Rada, Cornell senior Brooke Hodowanic and Lake Holcombe junior Kirsten Larson were each chosen to the team as honorable mentions.

Birchwood senior Taylor Widiker was named the conference's player of the year.

First Team—Taylor Widiker, Birchwood; Mady Schultz, Birchwood; Aubrey Meddaugh, Lake Holcombe; Jenna Sadler, Cornell; Kayla Hargrave, Bruce; Emma Elmberg, Lake Holcombe; Erin Crowell, Cornell; Caitlin Nuehring, Flambeau.

Second Team—Emma Petit, Winter; Marina Mansky, Bruce; Bryanna Bonander, Cornell; Alex Schott, Birchwood; Payton Schultz, Birchwood; Katelyn Kinnear, Bruce; Halle Anderson, Bruce; Alycia Emmons, Lake Holcombe.

Honorable Mention—Nadia Rada, New Auburn; Amelia Bodo, Winter; Jayda Glenz, Birchwood; Brooke Hodowanic, Cornell; Kirsten Larson, Lake Holcombe; Kim Riegel, Flambeau; Jasmine Goebel, Winter; Madysen Opelt, Flambeau.

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