Leinenkugel's Pure Water Days Races 8-10-19

Chippewa Falls' Karen Swanson runs to victory in the women's half marathon at the Leinenkugel's Pure Water Days Races on Saturday morning in Chippewa Falls.

Brent Kann and Karen Swanson ran to half marathon victories on Saturday morning as a part of a full slate of races at the Leinenkugel’s Pure Water Days Races hosted by the Chippewa Falls YMCA.

Kann of Eau Claire won the men’s race and overall crown with a time of 1 hour, 14 minutes and 24 seconds with Swanson of Chippewa Falls earning the victory in the women’s race in 1:40.48.

Elk Mound’s Andrew Pathos (5:08.4) and Chippewa Falls’ Aliya Hartman (6:24.2) won the men’s and women’s 1-mile race, respectively, while Eau Claire’s Connor Dolan was victorious in the men’s 4-mile (20:24) and Chippewa Falls’ Nicole Bowe (27:18) took the top spot in the women’s 4-mile race.

Kann scored a convincing victory, finishing more than eight minutes in front of second-place Zachary McFall (1:22.45) of Pleasant Prairie with Chippewa Falls’ Tony Byrd third, Pathos fourth and Chippewa Falls’ Erik Sworski fifth.

Eau Claire’s Roxana Canto came in second behind Swanson (1:52:24) with Chippewa Falls’ Kacy Bresina third, Plover’s Donnetta Kiifner taking fourth and Chippewa Falls’ Palema Ermatinger coming home fifth.

Kann (30-39), Byrd (20-29), Pathos (15-19), Chippewa Falls’ Jacob Nash (40-49), Chippewa Falls’ Jeffrey Bergeman (10-14), Anchorage, Alaska’s Eric Fjelstad (50-59), Papillion, Nebraska’s Jim Bender (70-79) and Chippewa Falls’ Rory Cameron (60-69) were the top finishers in their respective age groups in the men’s half marathon.

Swanson (30-39), Canto (40-49), Ermatinger (20-29), Eau Claire’s Leagh Saeger (10-14), Rudolph’s Barbara Hartman (50-59) and Rudolph’s Julia Weinberger (60-69) had the top times in their respective women’s half marathon age groups. Overall 83 runners competed in the half marathon with 47 men and 36 women.

Dolan won the 4-mile over Eau Claire’s Alex Percival (21:46), Whitewater’s Mark Elworthy (22:17), Eau Claire’s Harrison Redepenning (22:19) and Hammond’s Cougar Holder (24:27). Dolan (20-24), Elworthy (40-49), Holder (15-19), Windsor’s Joe Davison (30-39), Chippewa Falls’ Jeff Porzondek (50-59), Eau Claire’s Jerry Worley (60-69), New Lisbon’s Reid Sawyer (10-14) and Eau Claire’s Dennis McGraw (70-79) were first in their age groups.

Bowe topped Eden Prairie, Minnesota’s Haley Parker (28:23), Eau Claire’s Alyssa Larsen (29:06), Eden Prairie’s Morgan Young (30:47) and Hammond’s Mariah Withuski (31:06) atop the women’s 4-mile standings. Bowe (30-39), Parker (15-19), Larsen (40-49), Shawano’s Emily Stepanek (20-29), Chippewa Falls’ Aiva Dahlby (10-14), Chippewa Falls’ Nancy Bauwens (60-69), Eden Prairie, Minnesota’s Michele Young (50-59), Chippewa Falls’ Ellen Wing (70-79) and Jim Falls’ Sara Abendroth (80-89) were first in their respective age groups. A total of 277 runners ran in the 4-mile race with 124 men and 153 women.

Pathos (5:08.4) edged Shorewood’s Will Frohling (5:09.6) at the front of the pack in the 1-mile run to start the day. Colfax’s Eric Bertrand (5:15.17) was third with Bloomer’s Seth Rogge (6:05.6) fourth and Middleton’s Riely Kann (6:23.0) fifth. Pathos (15-19), Frohling (10-14), Bertrand (30-39), Elk Mound’s Nicholas Pathos (50-59), Bloomer’s Ashton Rogge (6-9), Chippewa Falls’ Chris Kolinski (40-49), Colfax’s Charles Weinberger (1-5) and Chippewa Falls’ Steve Frank (60-69) finished first in their age groups.

Hartman nipped Chippewa Falls’ Ciara Hartman (6:27.6), Chippewa Falls’ Jordan Chen (6:44.2), Colfax’s Belinda Loew (7:00.0) and Chippewa Falls’ Briella Hartman (7:02.2) at the top of the 1-mile women’s standings. Age group winners in the race were Aliya Hartman (10-14), Loew (15-19), Chippewa Falls’ Kylee Kolinski (6-9), Chippewa Falls’ Allison Coonts (30-39), Eau Claire’s Mary McMenomy (40-49), Eau Claire’s Megan Olson (20-29), Hudson’s Nancy Wunchepp-Fenning (60-69), Gilman’s Rose Gulcynski (50-59), Stanley’s Fern Barger (1-5) and Eau Claire’s Dolly Papke (70-79). In total 96 runners competed in the 1-mile run with 50 men and 46 women.

The Pure Water Days Races also included a 200-meter dash and a 2-mile fit walk.

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