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The Chippewa County Deer Advisory Council made a few changes before it approved its final recommendations for the 2019 deer season at its last meeting of the spring on Wednesday evening at the Chippewa County Courthouse.

Most notably the CDAC recommended establishing 8,275 private land and 1,125 public land bonus hunting tags for the Farmland Zone located in the lower half of Chippewa County. The recommendations seek to meet a quota of 4,000 deer harvested for the season. In addition, one free antlerless tag per license will be offered for the Farmland Zone.

The CDAC also established a free antlerless tag per license for the Chippewa metro subunit while recommending 1,000 private and zero public land bonus tags for the area.

Previous recommendations of a 300 deer harvest quota for the Forest Zone stayed the same, as did the recommendation for 700 private land and 50 public land bonus tags being available for the zone.

The Forest Zone runs north of Highway 64 until the road intersects with Highway 53, then all land east of Highway 53 north of the intersection point to the Chippewa and Barron County border. All of these recommendations are expected to maintain the county’s deer herd without increase or decrease, according to statistics.

The council also voted against a Holiday Hunt for the 2019 season that had previously been initially recommended at its last meeting.

Prior to Wednesday’s meeting, the public had the opportunity to give its input on the CDAC’s initial recommendations from its March meeting during a public comment period on the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources’ website (dnr.wi.gov). The council considered scientific data and public opinion when developing their initial recommendations.

Many of those opinions were read at the start of the meeting while five out of the more than one dozen outdoorsmen in attendance gave their opinions during an open speak period. A few suggestions from the online public comment period included topics the CDAC couldn’t immediately address, such as reinstating back tags. However the council said the topic would be brought up at next month’s Natural Resources Board meeting.

The recommendations will now move onto the state’s Natural Resources Board meeting in May. If approved, the recommendations will take effect for the 2019 deer hunting season.

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