234 W. Central St.

Joseph Kelly lived at 234 W. Central St. until his family moved away in 1929.

Editor’s note: This story originally appeared in the Dec. 12, 1925 edition of the Chippewa Herald.

Joseph Kelley, aged 5, son of Mr. and Mrs. Frank Kelley, 234 W. Central Street, narrowly escaped serious injury or perhaps death when he ran under a large automobile while coasting (sledding) on the Pine Street hill at 2:30 this afternoon. He was taken to his home where it was learned the injuries consisted of a bump on his head and slight bruises.

John Lawrence, night foreman at the Barker Auto Co.’s garage and who resides at Spring and Pine Streets, witnessed the accident. The boy was unable to stop his sled and ran between the left front and rear wheels. Mr. Lawrence said the lad was pushed along by the wheel a distance of about 30 feet. That he was not more seriously injured was due to the careful manipulation of the car by the driver, who brought it to a stop in the that length of space, Mr. Lawrence said. The driver of the car, whose name was not learned, took the injured boy to his home.

That an accident has not happened before on the Pine Street hill since the last fall of snow is nothing short of luck, motorists who have driven on Spring Street state. The Pine Street hill is short and steep and the incline does not end until it reaches Spring Street. Boys coasting down the hill have little opportunity to turn aside to avoid striking cars and several near accidents have been reported. The boys are using precaution to avoid accidents by posting a “watchman” at the foot of the hill to warn motorists to stop when a coaster is using the hill, but in many cases the auto is going at a speed which makes it impossible to stop in short order.

City officials were today hoping for colder weather to afford an opportunity to flood the skating rinks to provide entertainment for the young people to keep them off the hills.

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