Our State legislatures are getting just like the ones in Washington DC. People please remember this when you vote.

Here is a tip for you. Why don't you try working together for the good of us all.

When the snakes had total power everything was ok. Now maybe not so much. So lets change the rules. People remember this when you vote.

That is typical of a bunch of spoiled brats. Run and hide and hold your breath.

Thank you Bill for your service! Glad you got your trip.

Another bunch of do nothing republicans. They would rather watch while Rome burns.

Its about time that these idiots agree on something before we drown in the pot holes.

I don't know if there is something lower than a F, but if there is the packers deserve it. Why is it that other teams have the same amount of injuries and still play a decent football game? The packers need to clean house and start over.

My taxes went up almost 200 dollars. So much for lower taxes.

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