Maybe they can share a cell.

Way to address the pressing issues of the day Tammy. NOTHING else more important in an election year!!!

Here's an idea Jim Bob. Get your name on the ballot. Heck, if you are in my ward I will even sign to get you on the ballot. Otherwise quit your bitchin!

Anyone else ever notice it is the same 5 or 6 people that continuosly post negative comments about everything and anything? Always against every and never a positive remark.

Their corner of the world must be a very dark and lonely place!

We all know mowboy25 has the uncontrollable urge to comment on nearly every article. The keyboard gives him great power.

And don't forget the West Hill Bar on the West Hill and the Tip Top on the East Hill. Both good neighbors in their respective neighborhoods.

On a lighter note, why did I think of the Gilda Radner character "Emily Litella" when at first I read the title of the article as "…

Yup, always a coverup or conspiracy isn't there Thunderclod?

Oh and mom said you better get your basement bedroom cleaned up if you think you are going to borrow the car.

Echo'd my thoughts dailyreader. No right to complain if you live in Florida.

There was a point?

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