This is disgusting to see all the players involved in the political scandals. Can’t help but to believe that the elimination of lobbyist, super pacs and other campaign finance laws would help reduce corruption.

Anyone still believe this is a witch hunt with the numerous guilty pleas?

The corruption is astounding, wonder how much we will never learn about.

Fair enough Further North.

James, you do realize that corporate welfare (freeloader handouts) far exceed social welfare benefits offered by the state? I guess your statement answered my own question, otherwise you would not post such ridiculousness. Corporate greed is where your tax dollars are going and being waste…

This woman's account sounds like every kegger party in Chippewa in the 80s.

So the land went from forested rolling hills to prairie. Why are they not replanting trees? Wouldn't that be more ecologically beneficial than prairie grass?

So first Wisconsin has an employer that wants to chip its employees and now you have another employer that wants to track your health. What could go wrong? Maybe let you go because you may not be in perfect health, or have a condition that will add to the cost of company benefits? Wake up…

Any doubters out there that still believe there was not election interference by the Russians?

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