You are hilarious. After about 2 minutes of research I found that the actual cast of the recall was $14 million. Not to mention the $347,500 damage that protesters did to the capital building.

By the way that recall cost the taxpayers over 10 million dollars. Of course the democrats could care less about the taxpayers.

You don’t remember the recall? Because the crybaby democrats didn’t get what they wanted!

Let’s not forget what the democrats did the fist time Scott Walker won the election.

Scott Walker created the strongest economy and the lowest unemployment the state of Wisconsin has ever seen. And you fools wanted change.

Corporations that get tax breaks are taking my tax dollars? That was a neat trick the Democrats did getting all the dope smokers to get out and vote. And we know who they all voted for.

The freeloaders came out in masses to vorte for Evers. Higher taxes for taxpayers more handouts for freeloaders.

We have plenty of money to build a big fancy school that we don’t need. But we don’t have the money to replace a bridge that we desperately need. And don’t tell me that we need a new school. I have two children that go to Stillson school and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that building!

If you were offended by my comment I apologize. But I call it the way I see it.