Go head, tell us the rest of the story when that Federal money stops.

You know, every tax increase to support it, the overall standard of living drop, all in the name of a $10 a month savings on your healthcare premium!

Little things they don't tell you that make all of the difference.


Mr. Evers, read the fine print.

Wisconsin cannot afford the Medicare Expansion. By taking a bunch of money up front, you are putting Wisconsin tax payers on the hook for those benefits down the line when that money stops coming in. Where will you get that money then and in future yea…


It's a sad day in Chippewa Falls when a story in the Chippewa Herald Telegram comes from the Eau Claire Leader Telegram when the story happened a mile from the Chippewa Herald offices in Chippewa Falls.

Real reporting has left the town, we are now being told what our news is by Madison…


Merlin commented on Gordy's assets to be auctioned

Can't wait for the shelves to go bare again. They can't possible raise prices anymore - they are already one of the most expensive super markets in the chippewa valley.


It's one thing to have a record and be elected, it's entirely another to get a record while serving. He needs to resign and doesn't deserve to stay on the board.


Is it just me or does it seem like the democratic party (not just Wisconsin) all over the country are trying their best to smother our right to vote and also to keep the average person in bondage of some sort?

Oh wait, that is the Democratic Party platform.

Why is it you bury …


You completely ignore the same behavior from those whom you support.

I can't wait to hear your explanation how someone else, whom you disagree with, needs to be "recalled" because somehow in the very same election that Evers won, Bernier also won but somehow doesn't deserve t…


I don't recall any whining on the left when they took to task to try and protect the CBA in 2010 before Walker took over.

Funny how karma comes back isn't it?

Kind of like using the nuclear option to pass health insurance law and then whining when the other side uses it.



For as offensive as I find their antics, they have a Constitutional right to their freedom of expression.

It didn’t take long for the left to tie this to Trump and denounce a key personal freedom we ALL have.

I find it extremely offensive that the LGBTEIEIEO community has ruine…

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