Only the "best people" get on the Republican Clown Merry-Go-Round, what spot does tRump have for Scooter Walker. (Ambassador to Saudi Arabia? Chop Chop eh?)

JamesL, can you furnish some hard data on that "10 million dollar" figure? Or, did you pull a tRump and pull it out of your tRump?

GOP Losers! (I'm gonna take my ball and go home!)

Seipel, wanting to borrow for road repair (he is also on the Hwy Committee) is a staunch Republican and promotes the age old Republican mantra of borrowing, also known as: "Kicking the Can Down The Road."

Yay for the Democrats!

Thanks for your views Ramesh Ponnuru! You are here because, in all probability, thanks to actions by previous Democrats. So, you bite the hand that welcomed you.

Readers, so you are not confused, it is THE FARM BUREAU that is beholding to the Republican party, not really caring for the little farmer, am I correct Karl C., Sheila H. etal??

One has a "D" behind his name on the ballot, go for him!