Cogent argument Light. I worry about under 18 use increases, but that's all it is...worry.

I think the links between depression, anxiety and other illnesses have yet to be settled one way or another, you know, chicken or egg.

The prison population due to minor possession is sha…

Still crying about the 3 times elected Gov of this fine state.

I suggest you move to ILL ot Minniesota......

Let's just double the wheel tax and let these saints go home to their Ward Cleaver families.

How quickly the public turns when it gets personal........

Thunder cloud, please get to the bottom of all this corruption.......or are you just a Walker hating transplant from MN?

What happened to the all the praise when the board disregarded the will of the people with the wheel tax. St. Hunt was a proponent. Worried about our bond rating???

One by one they go.........

Where is the disclosure of the relationship between Rod Stetzer(Terrible Herald) &am…

The final gasps of a dying campaign

Barry and Mary......Wisconsin does not deserve the misfortune.

The failed and dangerous policies of Mary & Barry.......

You misleading 'crats can't call it a diversion anymore.

The 'crats want govment controlling more of our lives????

Interesting that this great individual, by virtue of being a teacher alone, sued for $$ she new she was not entitled too??

Hope she did not "teach" greed and math to our children.

Who really cares?

Can I see a poll regarding who laughs more by gender, and which state is DEAD LAST in southern misissippi job growth according to the Dead Hamsters Institute?

"tickets still available" for Mitch O'bama is front page "news".

The editor of this paper is the bandleader......journalism died with Tim Russert and even Mike Wallace for that matter......

I will have to find another source for local news.......and eat more f…

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