old timer

old timer commented on Packers fire coach Mike McCarthy

Bad move...Too many underachievers on that team right now, and they seem to have given up..And in the end, the coach gets fired...! I'd say bench some of the players for "sloughing off on the field...!"

no need for change here...It's been said the other guy has not held a full time police job, which makes me wonder what qualifies him for this type of administrative position...?

C'mon John...Its too easy to lob bombs with a computer keyboard as a writer for the local paper...I've noticed your hat is never "in the ring...??" Far safer for you to hide and whine behind a journalists "Freedom of The Press...?"

Somebody on the jury wasn't listening very well, or just didn't have the heart to convict...???

Arnie is most definitly a local MVP...!

I was glad to see him recognized by the newspaper for his dedication...!

I'll certainly bet that Texans used every modern firearm available to them "at that time" to take care of business...And, if it would have been available to them "at that time", they certainly would have used any semi-auto, magazine fed firearm made to handle that same bu…

A fishing trip is just like the author was describing..."Catching fish, and nice ones at that, is only a part of the whole experience..." People should make the effort to simply "get outside to see the world they are missing..." You'll be glad that you did!

Typical case of a politician shooting their off mouth with an unloaded brain! Another cheap political stunt, followed by the customary apology. Pathetic!

With it being "firecracker season", light a pack of them and throw them towards it. Likely won't return. If so, do it again, only throw them closer to it.

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