Is Stafsholt using dog whistles when he refers to OTHER people in such terms as, "We don’t have heads in the cloud like the people in Madison do" or THOSE people in the "areas ... of Madison and Milwaukee?"

If Stafsholt says he "wants to make sure the voices in the area aren't ignor…

So what now Republican party? No more taxes? Greatness? Red hats? Keep telling it the way it is?

Why not raise more than enough funds needed by selling the Dunn County fairgrounds race track to the Red Cedar Speedway Association?

Is it not obvious that the revenue the Red Cedar Speedway Association pulls in enough for that Association to outright own that public land instead of…

Why is Why are? not pushing the "victim hood" or "identity politics" when the question places real identities in those coded terms he uses? Does Why are? share a concern about the victimhood complex in the left that his compatriot Donald Trump Junior has?

How many people know that t…

Do you approve of African Americans use of victim hood to gain more freedom?

Do you approve of African Americans using identity politics to gain the same First Amendment freedom enjoyed by others?

Are you inspired by the litany of trolling and insults published by Junior?

Are Dunn County Republicans not in charge?

Why should the Dunn County Republicans not be consulted on global influence?

Are the Dunn County Republicans not in charge?

Are you upset by "victim hood and identity politics" or the "liberals quest for power ?"

Did anyone ask the Dunn County Republicans if this was okay?

What is "victim hood and identity politics?"

What "liberal quest for power" will destroy "Western Civilization?"

What does the rest of the world believe in?

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