Have not hunted since 1981.
Somehow the method of driving deer toward standers...
Both groups aiming guns IN the direction of each-other with the deer between them.....

Give the perps 6 feet of rope in their jail cell.

That "Surge" may well become an Avalanche !!!

The homeowners should petition the Court to award them the property under "Squatter's Rights".
Since they "Occupied & Maintained the property in Open & Adverse Possession" (including paying taxes) .

Perhaps (we) [dairy farmers] DO NOT need new CAFOs !
Grassland Dairy (Processor) informs 50+ farmers their milk IS NOT needed (OR WANTED!) ... THEN... Grassland becomes an investor in a NEW 5,000+ cow CAFO dairy "Farm".

Being a member of the board at Neurofibromatosis First,
and having NF,
I have personal knowledge of some NF health issues.

The 'Eau Claire Cartel' is stronger than ever before!!!

> The new age limit for hunting (NO Limit)
Just what we NEED.... A toddler sporting a firearm they can barely lift ... much less shoulder & control!

Badger Care "Vacuums"!!!
They have death panels that restrict where Physicians are "allowed to" send patients.
BC COST a friend their life ... because of restricted access to timely and appropriate tests, and access to specialists.

Posting maps at rest stops is great!
As is in many State Parks.

Requiring each over-paid legislator receive them (500) is wasting.
The Legislators should PAY [out of their salary] for maps (and trinkets) they "Give Away"

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